• Has been operating under this name since 2004
  • Began as Young World Leaders School in 1991
  • Suspended briefly after copping awkward questions
  • Must have had a change in approach
  • Is now meant to have 500 corporations and the banks on board so must be confident enough to go public
  • NGO. Non-elected Non-Government Organization set up to operate above democracy and the law by the Blue Bloods
  • Klaus Schwab is a Rothschild on his mother’s side

From Their Propaganda Videos

  • We will be put on a Central Bank Digital Currency system CBDC
  • We will be paid Universal Basic Income. UBI
  • We will own nothing and be happy
  • The banks will be the holders of all our personal details
  • We will renew our licenses etc. through the banks
  • Our control will be linked to our carbon footprints
  • The banks will be ideal because of their good security systems

The Canadian Trucker Protest

This situation gave Dictator School graduate Justin Trudeau and his deputy prime minister/finance minister and WEF board member Crista Freeland the opportunity to try the system out - but more importantly to show us how the system will work. Justin invoked the Emergency Measures Act enabling Crista to freeze the trucker’s bank accounts. (No court order or the like required).

The Emergency Measures Act was revoked a few days later with people withdrawing their money and the banks screaming out. With Central Bank Digital Currency we won’t be able to withdraw money and will be giving total control to the rulers of the planet.

Self Determination

This is what Humans have been set up for with inbuilt guidance – emotions, inhibitions and conscience. The alternatives are Gangs – where inbuilt guidance isn’t working properly, or Cults where inbuilt guidance doesn’t exist.

The Rulers

Anyone can figure the rulers don’t have a conscience and are different. Worship is huge for them while we don’t need it. They worship the sun. The 22nd of December is the shortest day in the Northern hemisphere and they worship the 25th December as the birth of the new Sun. 

They are control freak Empire Builders. The Greek and Roman Gods would have been necessities for the Greek and Roman Empire Builders – having no relevance to us. We don’t need them.

If our calendar was hooked to the solar system the way it should be we would have 13 months of 28 days with full moon and the different phases on the same day every month for a year. With it taking 365 ¼ days for earth to go around the sun, 5 days would have to be added in every 4 years. If full moon was on the 10th one year it would be on the 9th the next year and the 7th for a leap year. The perverted Reptilian Rulers have decided that 13 is one of their holy or sacred numbers.

While Humans are reactive and get things done, our lazy rulers are insidious and prepared to play the long game. Has this patience evolved through having to wait for the sun to come up? Their religion operates as an enabling or justifying cult, (with rituals), where they worship blood sacrifice gods that justify their criminality. The religion they have come up with for us is set up as a guilt trip cult – born sinners with a judgemental, personalized god, to control people with inbuilt guidance.

The wannabe dictators prepared to go through Dictator School have no idea what they are sucking up to, or that they are selling us down the drain to total exploitation by our Reptilian parasite. This planet is not ruled by the Illuminati or the Deep State. It is ruled by the Illuminati Cult! If we don’t do what they want, they will freeze our bank account.