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We are a product of our culture, upbringing, education and history

We are given possibilities for our creation and are held to ransom with our destiny while our inbuilt guidance system, (emotions, inhibitions, conscience and the ability to critically analyse) – simply requiring honest information, is overridden or subverted.

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The Prison Planet Handbook by Denis Goodwin

The narrative

Our place in the universe, therefore, is prescribed for us by others and unless we take a decision to understand for ourselves our true nature and place in life, we risk living our whole lives poorly, or even dis - informed. 

If you have ever wondered how we could not be a part of the universe on show in the night sky, you’ll probably also have wondered about the effort expended in convincing us we’re not.

The groundwork for the situation that currently exists here was apparently put in place around the time of Sumer after a lengthy period of conflict in which a faction of Humanity was followed to this outer extremity of this spiral galaxy. There is also an explanation for the creation of the asteroid belt and the destruction of the atmosphere on Mars – both connected in the same event, as well as another event some time later where the Pacific Ocean is now, that may have caused or contributed to the ring of fire. An area also known for its native? reptiles.

Although the conflict that continues on this planet, visually, is planned and guided by humans, be prepared to learn about some technology of advanced interstellar travel level, that was used here – thousands of years ago. Apparently, the ancient paintings of human bodies with reptile heads were not just artwork.

Note. Please do not be reactive to or judgemental of what is presented here. It is only a small part of the relevant material that is available. If we are to become adults of the galaxy we will probably have to be it.