Queen Shapeshifting

Queen Admits She is "Not Human"

'Queen Shapeshifting' brings up details about an internal document acknowledging that Queen Elizabeth and other members of the Royal Household are not Human, that was briefly published as a press release on the Royal Family’s official website before being taken down.

Press release on the Royal Family's official website:

Queen statement reptilian

Erin Rothschild

‘Erin Rothschild’ is here being interviewed by Kerry Cassidy shortly after speaking publicly for the first time. This may be an important first – having a member of a ruling family giving details about how they operate and making it clear she isn’t happy about what they have done to this planet.

Russell Blaylock

Googling ‘Russell Blaylock’ brings up a retired neurosurgeon whose parents both died of Parkinson’s Disease. As a doctor he felt helpless not being able to do anything and this seems to have sparked some impressive self-informing. His “How to Keep Your Brain From Ageing” video would actually be a whole of body maintenance that should go a long way to preventing cancer and a lot of other health problems.

The Whistleblowers Prayer

the whistleblowers prayer