Who or What is Controlling Our Planet?

Who or What is Controlling Our Planet?

Our history is full of events we can’t explain. It is time for us to start connecting the dots. To take responsibility and search for the truth. If we don’t then what will the future hold for our children?

UFOs are sighted regulary, our people are abducted, aliens are spotted, people dissapear, ancient stone momuments have been erected above and below the sea, psychic powers & extra sensory perception persist, and frogs and fish fall from the sky. What more do we need until we stop ignoring the signs and start asking ourselves why or who is making this happen.

Secret societies full of true monsters have controlled our history and prevail in some form or another to this day. The Freemasons, Illuminati, Rosicrucians, Elders of Zion, Order of Skull and Bones and more recently The Bilderberg Group.

The Bilderberg Group is worth talking about as they are really the Illuminati cloaked in a new name and established in 1954. They are a secret society comprising the world's elite. They hold an annual private conference of 150 of the most influential people from the world of business. It is not democratic and does not hold anyone accountable. The main purpose of this group is to create an “aristocracy of purpose", mainly in United States and Europe. It is widely believed that the The Bilderberg Group is responsible for The Great Depression and 9/11.
This Group, like the Illuminati, are the blue bloods of the 21st century. They are half human and half repitlian. Human body’s with reptialian mind patterns. They have the most power on our planet today and they take orders from an older interstellar civilisation that is reptilian in origin dominating the Earth secretly throughout the ages.

Once you accept this everything starts to make sense. The Illuminati, more recently The Bilderberg Group, are behind the world’s mass vaccination programs and the pharmaceutical dependence of humanity. They suppress any natural cure for cancer. There is a sick and twisted agenda to keep us sick and make money off of it. Mind control is their ultimate weapon and the rest of us humans are just their slaves.

If you stop and think you will see the truth and stop pretending that they don’t exist. Incredible stories of mind-control, ‘split personalities’ and ‘programmed assassins’ are always sprouting up but we brush them off and rationalise.

The media blames mind control programming on cults and other obscure collectives and has completely ignored the accounts which take place in laboratories in military bases and universities around the planet that are funded by The Group and controlled by the repitalian overlords.

The Group decides what technology can go forward and what they will hold back. Just consider the massive leaps in technology that have occurred in only the last 100 years while the earth has been in existence for 5 billion. The atomic bomb, space craft, satellites, computers, wireles devices, wifi, genetically modified organisms, artificial intelligence, cloning, and now brain-machine interface. Yet other technolgy, clean energy, natural cures, engines that run on water, natural food production systems are all being held back. Why?

We continue to not ask questions, to not comment or object to how our planet is being managed.

Consider that we still don’t know who killed President Kennedy, 9/11 remains still largely unexplained, and we are no closer to finding MH370.

We are not in control. Very few here on earth are; and they are invisible to us.

What if those conspiracy theorists are not crazy. What if they were right. What if we are just puppets
of an advanced ancient civilisation?

Why does christianty or evolution make more sense than an older interstellar civilisation dominating the Earth given that our planet is just a spec of dust revolving around a massive star. That another galactic civilisation is secretly running our planet throughout the ages makes much more sense and explains everything.

There is still much unknown. And the reality is likely not simple and clashes with what we have held true all our lives. The reptilian overlords want to keep the peace by keeping us ignorant.

Consider that man landed on the moon, we have entered and traveled through space. But what advancements have we made in the last 50 years?

Why is it that 10% of planet lives in riches and controls and exploits the other 90% of the population that live in squallor and poverty. How is that rational?

What if the gallactic lords made those ancient monuments on earth for the early Bluebloods? The Galactic Empire exists in peace by allowing a small core earth society to dominate civilisation.

Does your world look different now? Are you ready to engage and be part of a group of people who insist on finding out the truth?

One colony forming part of the ‘interstellar order'’ of man. A world kept under control through ignorance, lies and governments led by overlord agents – groups like The illuminati, The Bilderbergs, and The Freemasons.

Now the UFOs, abductions, massive leaps in technology and ancient monuments all begin to make sense.

What do our galactic overlords have in store fo us? Do they want us to spread to more colonies? Do they want to harvest us? Their purpose is unknown, but that they exists is starting to look more real.

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