Notes and Observations

“The oversouls connect to the Godmind” - “A sea or ocean of consciousness”. “Anything that can exist is allowed to exist”. (Non-judgemental).

“Each level sustains the one above”. (The only ones interested in us would be the ones directly above).

“There is more than one physical reality”.

Physical reality exists in islands or pockets. Non-physical reality goes right through.

“The sun is connected to a black hole in an alternate universe”. (Alternate physical reality?)

A message in the contact info. “The universe undergoes an orderly pattern of cyclic renewal”.

Orthodox science – “96% of the universe is dark matter”. (Unseen by us).

“Physical reality is like frozen energy”. (Non-physical levels more conscious and mobile energy levels?)

“Wormholes connect different points in the same reality. Vortexes connect points in different realities”.

Starting at the bottom, along with cyclic renewal, suggests life is intended to be about experiencing and learning, rather than being sidetracked into praise and worship.

Lifestreams Emananting From the Oversoul

A diagram to help get the concept across.
(Courtesy of Stewart Swerdlow's website)

Everywhere a lifestream intersects with a reality is a lifetime or existence.

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