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Prison Planet Revelations Book

“As far as the history of this planet is concerned, you can consider that everything you ever learned is a complete lie. All history and science books are rewritten to accommodate the agenda of the controllers of this planet. These books are just as false as the New Age material spewing forth from such places as Sedona and Santa Fe, to name a couple of Illuminati meccas. Disinformation is rampant everywhere.”

Stewart Swerdlow
Author of Blue Blood, True Blood.

As far as knowledge and understanding go, most of us seem to arrive in this world with a clean slate. If, as the excitement and fun of playtime begins to wane, we decide to contemplate the longterm, what may lie ahead or perhaps where we came from, the information on offer becomes a bubbling mudpool of possibilities – obviously intended to confuse. We are told we are here for a short time, until death, but we are also told we are immortal.

Orthodox science ( what our mainstream scientists are qualified to), is physical only, but the officially promoted reality which precedes formal education by thousands of years uses the spirit word - while spiritual evidence was suppressed (witch hunts).

Regarding where we came from, take your pick. We could have evolved from monkeys but they’ve probably been evolving into different forms of monkey – certainly haven’t been replaced through incompatibility with the environment.

We could have been created in 6 days of creation – so why create galaxies of unsuitable planets. The official line is we are the only intelligent life but could discover other forms if the distances weren’t so large.

Perhaps a cosmic accident – one success out of millions of mistakes?

Regarding planet Earth. It was until fairly recently the centre of the Universe – now isn’t the centre of the solar system and apparently our solar system is at the end of an arm of a spiral galaxy – as far from the centre of the galaxy as possible.

The difference between Misinformation and Disinformation

Misinformation – misinterpreted information, a mistake.

Disinformation – deception, deliberate. Usually takes the form of a lie sandwich, has truth in the middle or at the ends.

With the prescribed reality not fitting with or explaining what a lot of people experience, we do have another option, witnessed first person accounts (the best our judicial system can come up with) – what does actually happen. This is the reason for the Prison Planet Revelations booklet. It is a brief 20-30 minute read, an outline, but away from the foreground noise of the earth only/physical only prescribed reality and the shoring up of it done by debunkers (professional disinformers), sceptics (people who haven’t done and don’t want to do their homework) and orthodox scientists (people who have been indoctrinated even deeper to the Earth only/physical only prescription), is easy to follow and consider.

If you wonder who benefits with us excluded from ‘big picture’ knowledge and are ready for changes on Earth, the bottom line is here.

  • Why is the ‘Earth Only’ explanation so crucial?

  • Why have we had ‘Witch Hunts’ and ridicule and debunking to support it?

  • Why are there no trails of genealogy for the different races in our official history?


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Denis Goodwin

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